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Front Page Feedback Giveaway - drguild - 06-13-2018

I know the front page isn't the best and after some discussion with a marketer who tried to really convince me to pay quite an amount for a complete redesign of the front page and saying it wasn't that good.

I have decided to try to get feedback on the front page myself and offering a giveaway in order to do so.

How it will run is simple, you have until July 1 to analyze the front page and make a list of improvements in this thread.
These improvements you list will be directly added and any changes done to the front page in near future after the giveaway.
Explain, show examples etc so we know what you mean and are talking about.

The top poster will get a choice of one of these 3 games with second place a choice of the remaining two games and last with the remaining game.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
  • Bayonetta
  • Vanquish
If we get overwhelming feedback I will personally chuck some extras in as a thank you to the winners and notible enteries.
The feedback can be anything at all and should be precise to our goals and how we should implement it.
Our front page needs improving to be a stand out page to attract new members and show who we are and to entice them to join.

Help us to improve and we will help you.

RE: Front Page Feedback Giveaway - drguild - 06-30-2018

Unfortunately this hasn't been as successful as I would like it to be.

However we have some ideas and made some contracts that seem willing to help on a redesign.

So for now at least we are pursuing those leads for the redesign.

These may end up with a better front page then this thread would have produced by itself.

We are always to feedback and will listen to anyone.