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Skills we are looking for - drguild - 05-26-2018

This is a list of skills from people we really need to improve the site and go forward with ongoing plans and ideas.

If you have any of these skills and would like to help us improve this site please contact me.
  • PHP coder
    • For work on the front page / news / blog section
  • MyBB theme development
    • We need to improve and customise the theme for our community
  • Article writers
    • For our blog / news area on topics we are passionate about
  • People that can promote us and spread the word
    • We need promotion to grow and gain more members

By supporting us we aim to give you a great opportunity for you to improve your skills and experience.
As well having that you support and help a mental health and those in need community on your résumé or portfolio is a massive booster with various future paid employment opportunities you may receive.

Supporting others is looked highly upon within different companies.