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Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 05-18-2018

Saturday Jun 23 10AM - 6PM
Sunday Jun 24 10AM - 6PM

I plan to go back to conventions after a year and a bit break due to various issues with my ongoing well being.
The break has been caused by my ongoing depression and anxiety and the fact I don't really know anyone locally that it has overwhelmed me to go to a convention as it basically shoves other peoples social lives in my face so to say when I don't have one and upsets me.

But in the interest of running this community and trying to move forward I planned that this event would be the one I go back.
I would appreciate all the support and suggestions for me on how to handle this convention as well as presenting myself and this community to others.

Hopefully from the convention we will see a few new faces in this community and some connections being made.

If there is anything you would like me to cover for news or just general interests, please let me know and I'll try my best to cover it for us here.

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Post 5 - Workstation Setup
Post 6 - Day 1 Portraits 
Post 7 - Day 1 Portraits
Post 8 - Day 1 Portraits
Post 9 - Day 1 Portraits
Post 23 - Day 2 Portraits
Post 25 - Day 2 Portraits
Post 26 - Day 2 Portraits
Post 27 - Day 1 Extras & Day 2 Portraits
Post 30 - StarWars frame dance gif
Post 31 - Day 1 Extras Second Camera
Post 32 - Day 1 Competition Portraits
Post 37 - Day 1 Competition Portraits

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-19-2018

So I just got my ticket to Supernova this weekend.
So post here what you you would like me to go and do for our site here.

[Image: DuDasOB.jpg]

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-23-2018

Day one has just finished.
A big shout-out to anyone visiting here that got one of our cards.
Feel free to join up, suggest improvements share to the wider community and give some love anyway you can.

We aim and strive to be the one stop place for all things Anime, Cosplay, Games, Pop Culture and very different from online communities in that we are a caring and supportive community that aims to support and care for people where we can.

I took a few hundred photos today and on my way home on the train now.

Going to be at it tomorrow all day again.

Big thanks to those that took the time for a chat and were patient while I was a noob with my camera at times.

Also thank you to all I met, you were all such lovely people and gives me hope that even a extreme hikikomori social anxious guy like me can fit in somewhere.

If anyone reads this don't be afraid to come up and get a hug if you want.

Were here for you and the community.

For processing the images I'll probably get started on that on Monday how long it'll take I don't know.

They will be in this thread.

Recommend me a future cosplay so I really join you all in this journey as a testimete to how far one can come.

Stay tuned to this thread and look out for me tomorrow.

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-24-2018

Day two has just wrapped up.

Big shout-out to all the people I met and hung out with, also those I got lots of hugs from, you are all such awesome people.

I have at least 2500 photos to go through to pick the best ones for here.
I took many multiples of people in hopes is get at least one good one.

I could have taken more photos of different people though.

There is also a few videos to look at also.

If anyone is reading this that I met I would love to keep in contact and hear from you all.
You can either connect with me here or personally by the details on my card.

My feet are sore and need a long rest.

Love to you all and look forward to the images.

I'll have a write-up also on non photo stuff off the weekend once I can think everything though.

Now to get back, eat and veg out watching stuff.

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-25-2018

I'm now starting to edit the images on my colour calibrated monitors.
This is going to take a long time for me as I have over 2500 photos to go through, so please don't expect images up instantly.
I'll be processing them in order of taken as its just easier to go by the list on the card.

Once images are done and posted, If anyone sees themselves they can can get a the full size processed copy and the RAW if I still have it by contacting me directly.
Also if you know anyone in these images that might want a copy of there images please let them know.

My process will be:
  • Select the best image from the set of a person
  • Process it
  • Export it
  • Upload in batches to here
The competition and general shots of the convention will come later when I feel like a alternation or something as they were taken on another camera..

Here is photo of my workstation for doing this so you can see whats going on.
The 10 inch screen on the bottom is my YouTube Jpop Anime etc music screen, as theres no way I could process the images in silence without going insane without some form of adrenalin stimulation and to make me happy and laugh which makes me flow freely.


How I took photos getting ready to import.

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-25-2018

Here is a small preview of the finished images I'm processing.
I'm not uploading all I have done right now until I can get a decent amount done, so this is just a small preview of whats still to come.

I hope you enjoy these images and stay tuned as there will be more on the way.
Click on the images to enlarge them.

*Kratos the third and forth image, is a life size statue that a booth had.

[Image: iKnDXT5.jpg]
[Image: xV1g6H4.jpg][Image: H7voONZ.jpg][Image: BL5xngz.jpg][Image: JFEPS3f.jpg][Image: D64g1Zp.jpg]

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-26-2018

Day one portrait images are done minus a few and the competition ones.

[Image: CP8uMsg.jpg][Image: s7hvU2Y.jpg][Image: f52JsLV.jpg]
[Image: 5r096AN.jpg][Image: qlf19mP.jpg][Image: HTFG6fh.jpg][Image: R1vMiQW.jpg][Image: RJGsUVS.jpg][Image: wq3F9gM.jpg][Image: 8YfGbHl.jpg][Image: S9FEv3U.jpg][Image: PiD2bMc.jpg][Image: oT16pdb.jpg][Image: q78JYaY.jpg]

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-26-2018

The guy with the violin was busking playing theme songs from anime and games as well as movies etc I guess themes that people would cosplay etc as.
Someone at the convention told me my photo of the joker looks like he just got out of jail, I couldn't agree more.
The first image is my favourite with how it turned out.
The doctor has cerebral palsy so big props to him for for cosplaying, I tried to go a older doctor brown grainy nearly black and white with some colour in his scarf etc style for his image as he was fond of the older series.

[Image: WEKDkkT.jpg][Image: TpR3Nez.jpg][Image: dZjjZpm.jpg][Image: fBezm70.jpg][Image: 7wMVBtv.jpg][Image: igPccen.jpg][Image: LIHnsjD.jpg][Image: Bgh8bE1.jpg][Image: sRileLN.jpg][Image: IBpcjvY.jpg][Image: 7Z1ym1O.jpg][Image: PE6p51p.jpg][Image: H3Tgg6w.jpg][Image: MgovduC.jpg]

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-26-2018

[Image: OUmI3bk.jpg][Image: Cv6pPil.jpg][Image: GTY79iZ.jpg][Image: DFGw5pW.jpg][Image: eH2BqDf.jpg][Image: VNRgi9Z.jpg][Image: 2nOxwOB.jpg][Image: 6eY2Lz0.jpg][Image: 1gwcvaP.jpg][Image: 7xKBpF8.jpg][Image: x6jR7YL.jpg][Image: 4k5CXJn.jpg][Image: Fpkl4H4.jpg][Image: 8PzOXk3.jpg][Image: l0OFEQh.jpg][Image: OjvdWOT.jpg][Image: ySU8w7R.jpg]

RE: Supernova Perth Australia 2018 - drguild - 06-27-2018

The rest of the photos are currently stalled in processing as I've come down a a very bad cold and ongoing headache etc and need to take care of myself here.

So until I can get better, more images are on hold.
Apologies to everyone I shot on the second day, (photography term, I'm not advocating actually shooting up cosplay conventions that would be very sad)

The photos above are probably about one third of all portraits I took as it seems I was more confident asking and taking photos on the second day.

Every person I took a photo of should be up for day one I'll double check when I'm better.

Then there's the competition photos which I don't think will come out too well (we will see) as I had to make do with the seat I was at and bad lighting, day two was a bit better on those shoots though as I was in a more central seat, also I have the general crowd shots to go through, which unfortunately day 1 I accidently had that cameras lense on manual focus until the competition but much the same scenes both days for that.

These other photos total about just over 1500 to go through as the 32GB card on my second camera was maxed at that number and should be easier as there are more multiples for those.

So loads more images coming when I'm feeling better.

What ones are your favourites? Let us know.
As mentioned I'm keen for the cosplayers themselves to get the full size images.
Also if you want to see the settings I used etc I can create a cosplay photography info and discussion thread.
I'm looking to learn more myself in that area.

Feel free to sign up and join in on discussions while you wait for the rest of the images and me to get better.

I may not be up to processing images at the moment, but I can still have a chat.

Also thanks to someone I meet on the second day, Rin messaging me a hello during the last couple days.

I'll also try to share some convention stories here when I'm feeling up to that.